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Bionanotechnology and Its Medical Applications Program

Program Overview

What is Bionanotechnology?

Medical research is now focusing increasingly on the micro and nano-scale. Concepts such as lab-on-a-chip (microarrays) are now being used the world over to facilitate ultra-sophisticated tests while taking a negligible amount of biological material from the patient. Nanostructures such as quantum dots and dendrimers have started finding extensive applications in curing cancer, and the silver nanoparticle is considered a prime candidate for fighting viruses such as AIDS.

Each of these advances has needed manipulation at the nanoscale. An increasing amount of attention is being paid to development and manipulation of biomaterials at the nano-level, because that is the way nature works. Nature uses miniscule building blocks such as DNA to build huge structures such as the human body. Hence, medical research is now tending toward the view that to correct seemingly incurable defects, a thorough understanding of Bionanostructures such as DNA is imperative. The study and manipulation of structures at the nanoscale and their use in medical applications is known as Bionanotechnology.

Program Aim

The program aims to give a participant a thorough grasp of this amazing new application of Nanotechnology. It equips the participant to explore further and discover the power of the nano-level in offering relief to humankind from so-called incurable maladies. While the subject matter is covered in great depth, a lot of attention is paid to ensure that the participant understands the practical applications of the study material in the domain of Nano-scale Biotechnology.

Program Features

The Bionanotechnology program is a unique initiative, not just in terms of its subject matter, but also in term of its delivery methodology. It assumes that the participant has grounding in life sciences, and then builds up into applications of Nanotechnology within the sphere of medical applications.

The program begins by explaining basic concepts of Nanophysics, Nanochemistry and Nanobiology. It then examines various other topics such as issues in Toxicology, Nanobiomaterials, Nanobiostructures and the various uses of Bionanotechnology in Medical Applications. In order to give a real-world dimension, the various characterization tools used to measure bionano properties, fabrication mechanisms used to manufacture bionanomaterials and essential laboratory techniques used in are examined in detail

The study material (books, CDs), supported by unique course delivery methodology (e-learning, supported by latest modules of Learning Management Systems - LMS) has been designed, ensuring that the participant is trained and certified while continuing with existing duties. However, NSTC facilities to extend its coverage of training to outdoor events/ activities, if the institution so demands. A number of highly qualified experienced professionals - tapping resources from Indian and overseas institutions of excellence form a rich faculty and knowledge resource for the program.

Program Delivery Methodology

Bionanotechnology & Its Medical Application Program -Distance Participation has a unique delivery methodology. The program delivery is through regular dispatch of training kit (study material), eLearning user id & password and Multimedia CD. The program support is provided through chat/e-mail / telephone / web portal.

Participant’s Role

Submission of complete application form and necessary program fee in the form of demand draft drawn in favors of "Nano Science and Technology Consortium" payable at Delhi/New Delhi to the organization

  • Self-study of course material
  • Participate on web portal activities on, receive internet based support
  • Submission of Mid Term Assignments, Final Online Exam, Final Article /Popular Paper to NSTC
  • Program Completion

  • NSTC’s Role

    Support Material and Confirmation Letter are dispatched to the participant. Dispatch is made within 10 days after receiving the application form and program fee.

  • Guidance & support
  • Evaluation of submissions
  • Award of statement of marks
  • Award of certificate
  • Fee Structure and Payment Norms

    The program fee should be sent along with duly completed application form. The fee should be paid through a Demand Draft/ at par cheque, issued in favor of Nano Science and Technology Consortium payable at Delhi/ New Delhi.

    Fee Details

    Indian Students

    International Students

    Program Fee*


    US$ 600 =00

    Registration fee


    US$ 50=00

    Total Fee


    US$ 650=00

    * Fee inclusive of Service Tax, which is subject to be changed

  • Aspirants who wish to apply for the Bionanotechnology & Its Medical Application Program can download the application form.
  • An applicant can apply at any time of the year and the registration will be provided in the forth current or ongoing batch.
  • Participant can register in more than one program at the same time.
  • Duly filled application form (enclosing a Bank Draft issued in favors of "Nano Science and Technology Consortium", payable at Delhi/ New Delhi) along with copies of certificates and mark sheets of 10+2 / Diploma / Degree or above level and a copy of passport size photograph can be send to:
  • Nano Science and Technology Consortium

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