NanoTrends attracts scholarly contributions that fall under the broad tag of nanoscale science and technology. The coverage in general encompasses synthesis, characterization, studying properties, processing, fabrication and applications of the nanomaterials in the fields of electronics, medicine, healthcare, energy, biotechnology and environmental studies. To elaborate:


Main domains 

  • Characterization techniques of Nanomaterials

  • Coupling of Properties at the Nanoscale

  • Films, Membranes, & Coatings

  • Nanoceramics, Metals & Alloys

  • Nanocomposites

  • Nanoparticles, Nanocrystals, Colloids, Sols

  • Nanoporous materials

  • Nanotubes, Nanowires, Nanofibers, Nanorods, & Nanobelts

  • Properties effected by Nanoscale Dimensions

  • Self-assemblies & directed assemblies


Application areas


  • Biomedical, Medicinal, Cosmetics & Drug development

  • Catalysis, Gas/ Liquid Separations & Membrane reactors

  • Chemical, Petrochemical & Pharmaceutical

  • Conversion of Energy & Storage Devices/ Systems namely Fuel Cells & Solar Cells.

  • Electrical, Electronics, Photonics & Magnetics, Telecommunications & Computational Studies.

  • Food, Textile, Environmental, Construction.

  • Transportation Nanomachines, Machine tools, Automobiles.

  •  Nanopatterning.


Above are the representative lists of subject areas, NanoTrends in practice may accept other subject areas that fall under the defined broad scope and are consistence with the precise nano meter scale.


Over and above, in case of doubt to determine the matching of embodied contents in a manuscript with the defined scope of NanoTrends, one may apply the following yard- stick.


  • If, the manuscript deals in Nanoscale dimensions.

  • If the manuscript covers the applications and/ or usages of Nanoscale materials/ equipments/ products or services.

  • Whether the field Nanoscience / Nanotechnology is widely and deeply engrossed in the manuscript.


The type of contributions in general that NanoTrends look forward to receive are mainly an out-come of original research, review papers that summarizes the state of the art for a specific nano research field or tutorials, that stress upon the multidisciplinary views of nanomaterials and those related to significant nanotechnologies.


NanoTrends also accepts popular articles and similar reading material that embodies thought contents touching one or more domains listed above and that may cater to the needs of general clientele.


Contributors may note that in all cases, the NanoTrends’ decision (Editorial board/ Publication Management Team) on the relevance of a manuscript’s contents with the scope of the journal is taken as final.