General Guidelines

The articles should fall under the scope of NanoTrends.

  • The idea and thought contents should be novel that has potential to    significantly add/support the research already published.

  • The articles should maintain a requisite standard of a scientific &    technical journal in general and of the NanoTrends in particular.

  • The text should be written in the layout, style and presentation of a    scientific/ technical article, unlike an article meant for a Newsletter    or    Newspaper etc. Guidelines of NanoTrends in this regard should    be    adhered to.

  • The article should not embody obsolete idea or information.

  • It needs to carry significance in terms of application, or, otherwise to    scientific/ business community in particular and the society in     general.

  • It should demonstrate appropriateness of approach or experimental    design, adequacy of experimental techniques (including statistics    where appropriate, need for statistical assessment).

  • The results deduced should be relevant to the problem posed/    credible.

  • It should represent- soundness of conclusions and interpretation and    interpretation and conclusions warranted by the data.


    Over and above, in case of doubt to determine the matching of embodied contents in a manuscript with the defined scope of NanoTrends, one may apply the following yard- stick.

    If, the manuscript deals in Nanoscale dimensions.

  • If the manuscript covers the applications and/ or usages of Nanoscale    materials/ equipments/ products or services.

  • Whether the field Nanoscience / Nanotechnology is widely and deeply    engrossed in the manuscript.


    Contributors (authors) may note that in all cases, the NanoTrends? decision (Editorial board/ Publication Management Team) on the relevance of a manuscript?s contents with the scope of the journal is taken as final.