Subscription and Access Norms

    1. NanoTrends strives to bring- out its issues regularly,but we can not guarantee on its uninterrupted publication.

    2. NanoTrends is not liable for any loss or consequences that might occur owing to the delay/ non- publication of a manuscript in a scheduled issue of this journal.

    3. The Director, NSTC, who is also a chairman of the Publication Management Team of the NanoTrends, is empowered to change the subscription rates of the NanoTrends for an ensuing subscription year with or without a notice to the subscribers

Institutions/ Corporates

  1. Unlimited Online Access:The subscriber will have an unlimited online access (any number of users can log-in at a time) to the NanoTrends for its institution.

  2. Limited Online Access: This access is limited to a defined no. of user(s) at a time .In case of special offer (if any), in this category, the subscriber will have an upper limit of users  for online access (at a time) to the NanoTrends. An offer is one time standalone offer. It can not be clubbed with any other existing offer or program.

  3. Institutions/ Corporates need to check/ protect the violation of above access rights. 
  4. Users need to ensure that they log-out every time after completing their work/ session, else access limit in terms of number of users will slow/ come down accordingly.

  5. In case your log-in id/ password is compromised, please intimate us at the earliest.


  1. This online access has been provided solely on individual basis, hence a user is not supposed to share his/ her log-in id/ password with any one.

  2. A user needs to ensure that he/ she logs-out after completing his/ her work/ session, else access will be denied in the next session. 

  3. In case your log-in id/ password is compromised, please intimate us at the earliest