Review / Refereeing of articles

NanoTrends adheres to a stringent review/ screening process for considering a manuscript for publication in it. If a manuscript withstands an initial ‘pre-screening’ test based on the aforesaid guidelines, it is forwarded to a detailed ‘main-screening’ by competent reviewers/ editors and referees. Here a manuscript is further grilled by another subject expert separately. If consensus in the prescreening and main screening is not arrived- at, on acceptance or rejection of, an opinion from third expert is sought for.

For further details an author may refer to elaborated guidelines mentioned in the ‘Manuscript Management System’ of the NanoTrends. Manuscripts that are considered to be of minor importance to the readership and are found unsuitable in terms of the overall requirements of NanoTrends as assessed by the Publication Management Team are not brought in to the online review process of the NanoTrends.