Type of contributions

The type of articles that NanoTrends look forward to receive is mainly an out-come of original research and the review articles that summarizes the state-of-the-art scenario of a specific nano research field. Other contributions include, research communications, editorial etc.

Research Article:-

These articles report research work or original research findings that have not been published and are not under consideration for publication elsewhere.

The length of article should not normally exceed 5000 words. An abstract of less than 250 words is preferred.


Review Arcticle:-

These contributions are usually commissioned by the NanoTrends. However, high quality unsolicited review articles are also considered. These articles review and discuss developments in a given domain. These are expected to be well focused and organized, and refrain from adopting a general ‘textbook’ style.

The length of the review article should not exceed 6000 words. An abstract of less than 250 words is preferred. The number of references should be limited to about 100 in number.



Up to six keywords should be provided for indexing purposes.

Research communications:-

These embody important findings that are novel and by coverage are of reasonably of wide interest. Communications should contain a brief abstract and an introductory paragraph. It is important to note that text should not be divided under subheads.

The length of the communications should not exceed 2000 words.


Popular Article:-

Looking to the interests of general- clientele/ science readers and the implied need for sensitizing students/ public at large, the NanoTrends has revised its scope, to include popular nano science and technology articles also. The length of article is limited to 5000 words. An abstract of less than 250 words is preferred.


Editorials are mainly contributed by the members of the Publication Management Team/ the Editorial board of the NanoTrends. However, unsolicited editorials on hot topics are also considered, for quality control these are subject to be screened/ edited by the NanoTrends Editorial board and/ or Publication management team.

The length of the editorial text should be limited to 1500 words.

Letter to the editor/ comments

The readers are free to write letters to the editors or critical comments on a published article or a pertinent scientific or technical issue. For quality control these are subject to be screened/ edited by the NanoTrends’ Editorial board and/ or Publication Management Team.

Book reviews

NanoTrends includes book reviews. The reviewed books should fall under the broad tag of Nanoscale Science & Technology. The authors/ publishers willing to get their books reviewed or arrange publication of book review in the NanoTrends, should contact the representative of the Publication Management Team of the NanoTrends.

NanoTrends includes solicited/ commissioned book reviews, however unsolicited reviews on demand are also considered. Book reviews should provide critical appraisal of the embodied thought contents in particular and the book as a whole in general.

The length of the Book reviews text should be confined to 1500 words.

Events announcements:-

NanoTrends accepts brief one page ( A4 )conference or other important national and international events’ – announcements, on the matching subject areas that fall under the scope of NanoTrends.The details pertaining to the events should be sent to the editor at least two months prior to the date of organization of the event (s).