Certifications, copyrights, reproductions & permissions

  • Submission of a manuscript to the NanoTrends by an author/ contributor would imply that the authors have carefully gone through the guidelines, terms and conditions of the NanoTrends in general and instructions to authors in particular.

  • It also implies that the manuscript submitted has neither been previously published nor is under consideration for publication elsewhere; over and above, if it is accepted, it will not be published elsewhere.

  • The authors bear full responsibility to check and ensure that, if the manuscript submitted contain any material that is subject to copyright or ownership rights. The employment of previously published figures/ illustrations/ images etc. in the manuscript submitted t to the NanoTrends, implies that, the author has already obtained needful written permission from the copyright/ ownership holder.

  • Illustrations and other materials having source from other publications must be properly credited.

  • Submission of manuscript also implies that all authors have gone through the manuscript, and have contributed to the thought contends embodied in the manuscript.
Transfer of copyright
It implies,
  • The authors agree that, the Copyright in the manuscript will pass on to the NanoTrends.

  • The paper has neither been previously published nor is under consideration for publication any where; over and above, if it is accepted for publication in the NanoTrends, it will not be published elsewhere.

  • To facilitate the transfer of Copyright, a ‘Declaration and Copyright Transfer Form’ is provided in the ‘Authors’ Corner’.

  • From authors, duly completed and signed aforesaid form, needs to reach to the NanoTrends’ Publication Management Team, within 48 hours (through a scanned image/ fax transmission) of the receipt of finally accepted (revised, if any) manuscript for proof -reading. Original copy (in hard copy) of the same should follow above communication at the postal address, given below.

  • If we do not receive duly completed aforesaid form timely, your manuscript will be kept on hold. for inclusion in the targeted issue of the NanoTrends.

Copying/ use of material from NanoTrends’ articles
  • NanoTrends allows single copying of published articles for private study or research, no matter where the copying is carried out. Multiple copying of journal articles or its parts, without the formal permission from the NanoTrends, is treated as a violation of copyright.

  • Permission for use of figures, illustrations etc. from the articles published in the NanoTrends, is accorded by the Publication Management Team after due evaluation of the request, subject to the acknowledgement of the original source material.