Special Issues of NanoTrends

Terms & Conditions

   NanoTrends brings- out the ‘Special Issues’ on i) contributions made (articles submitted/ presented) in major National and International Conferences/ other Events, and ii). on specialized domains of Nanotechnology on specific occasions or otherwise, that precisely fall under its scope.


   NanoTrends attempts to publish high quality nano literature by ensuring the competence of Guest Editor (s) / editors, who select quality papers, check the subject relevance and formation of a coherent and complete set of papers in the shape of a Special Issue. 

   NanoTrends publishes such Special Issues On-line and in Print versions. NanoTrends' offers schemes to publish such issues on payment and gratis basis as well. 

    The selection of an Event for aforesaid purpose is made, considering the interest of scientific and business community in a given subject area, and the standing/ reputation of the organizing agency/ institution.

    Event organizing body needs to enter in to a ‘Memorandum of Understanding/ Agreement’ with the Nano Science and Technology Consortium (NSTC), Noida, India for this activity.

Guidelines- Special Issue - Conferences/ other Events
Guest Editor
   The Guest Editor (s) with his dedicated team, that generally comprise of experts from the organizing committee (s) of the Event, are responsible for the selection, review, editing and providing of the final manuscripts with requisite documentation to the Publication management team of the NanoTrends.

Publication management team, NanoTrends
   It comprises of the Director NSTC and his dedicated team, which may include an outside expert (s)/, an internal member (s) and an expert/ editor from the NanoTrends’ editorial board, as the case may be. The team is responsible for bringing –out Special Issue (s), as per the agreed terms and conditions. The terms and conditions are agreed upon between the Director NSTC and the Guest Editor (s) or a competent designated authority, of the organizing agency/ institution of the Event.

The team assesses the competence of the Guest Editor (s) from the documentary evidences made available to it, i.e the areas of his/ her job profile/ work contributions- publications, projects undertaken/ in hand, collaborative research activities, institutional affiliation (s) etc. and, by verifying through available literature, resources and tools. This helps to determine expected quality in- put from the Guest Editor (s), in undertaking the various processes involved under his/ her purview in the publication of a Special Issue of the NanoTrends.

Specific norms

Manuscript/ article type/ scope
Quality contributions in Nanoscale Science & Technology and its allied Scientific and Technical domains, in general falls under the purview of the Special Issues of NanoTrends. The submissions included in these issues form a coherent group of papers.

Size of Special Issue
  • NanoTrends in general sets limits (minimum-maximum number) of the size of a Special Issue as follows:

    • Number of published pages as 200-250.

    • Number of papers 20-25 papers, with individual lengths averaging to about 10 pages.

  • In cases where the upper limit of number of pages exceeds on the basis of some reasonable grounds, the Guest Editor (s) in consultation with the Publication management team of NanoTrends may consider the splitting of the Special Issue. In this scenario, Special Issue is divided in to two issues on the basis of specific fields that broadly fall under the scope of the Special Issue.
Manuscript Format
  • The Guest Editor(s) is supposed to refer the applicable guide-lines to the Authors. 

  • Authors should adhere to the NanoTrends’s format norms.

Selection/ Review of Manuscripts

NanoTrends expects the Guest Editor (s) to exercise following peer-reviewing process.
  • As a set norm, each manuscript should be reviewed by at least two specialists. Opinion of a third expert may be had in cases where a consensus is not reached at. The Guest Editor(s) is empowered to select the reviewers/ referees of his/ her choice.

  • Guest Editor(s) on his/ her discretion may also employ the services of an author from another manuscript (included in the Special Issue) as one of the reviewers. Here, Guest Editor (s) needs to ensure that such an induction offers an unbiased opinion.

  • In case of major revisions, it is advisable to seek an expert advice.
Hand- over of final Manuscripts and documentation
  • Guest Editor(s) is advised to keep the Publication management team of the NanoTrends informed on the general status e.g statistics of the manuscripts (submitted, under review, reviewed, accepted, rejected and suggested for major revisions). 

  • After the receipt of all finally revised and approved manuscripts, the Guest Editor (s) should forward the entire pack in one lot, as given below , addressed to the NanoTrends’ Publication management team. 
Requisite information/ documentation
  • Preface on the Event

  • Contents page of the Special issue.

  • FINAL manuscripts [in proof.- read, camera- ready, prepared in Coral (9/ above version) format (in two columns)]in ready to print form, have to be supplied to us on CD medium. In case of need NSTC may request final manuscripts in hard (paper) copy form also, with illustrations/ images/ original figures (see under Colour Illustration column for details).

  • Details of the Event namely, title, date and venue where the papers were presented.

  • Contact details i.e. names, addresses, fax numbers and e-mail ids of the Guest Editor (s) and all principal. (corresponding) authors.

  • Final comments from the Reviewers, Guest Editor (s) and Authors including the list of Reviewers per manuscript. NanoTrends requires comments received by the accepted/ approved manuscripts only. 

  • Chosen Cover image (if any), Caption and Cover title (see under Cover Illustration column for details).

  • Title for the spine of the Special Issue (in hard copy form)  .

  • Any other relevant information that the Guest Editor (s) deems fit to bring to the notice of the Publication management team of the NanoTrends.

  • An acknowledgement letter with comments/ concerns (if any) on the receipt of the said package is sent to the Guest Editor (s) by NSTC.

Time Lines
  • Time-lines for submission (by authors), review, revision etc. and the final dispatch of complete pack to the Publication management team needs to be worked- out and set by the Guest Editor (s).

  • Guest Editor (s) should schedule his aforesaid plan on various time-lines with due information and consensus with the Publication management team of the NanoTrends.

  • Guest Editor (s) should note that, barring exceptional cases the, NanoTrends as a norm maintains a time –line of 8 to 12 weeks for bringing –out a Special Issue, that comes in effect from the receipt of final pack of manuscripts (including requisite documentation) from the Guest Editor (s).

  • Guest Editor (s) should dictate the various relevant time- lines to the contributing authors.

  • NanoTrends keeps the option open for the positively reviewed/ finally accepted manuscripts that do not meet the dead- line for their inclusion in the Special Issue, for consideration of their publication in NanoTrends regular issues, if these meet the required criteria. 

  • It is advisable that the Guest Editor (s) regularly inform/ update the NanoTrends Publication management team on the status of manuscripts and maintenance of their set time-lines.

Colour Illustrations
  • It is suggested, that the originals of all illustrations should be included with the final manuscript. In case an author submits usable colour figures, then NSTC will ensure that at no extra charge, these figures appear in colour in the online version of the Special Issue, regardless of whether or not these illustrations are reproduced in colour in the printed version. 

  • Experience suggests that converting colour figures to ‘grey scale’ (for the printed version, if one does not opt for colour figures) at times gives technical problems. Hence, NanoTrends prefers to ensure receipt of usable black and white prints that correspond the colour illustrations. 

  • NanoTrends provides Colour reproduction (s) in printed version at an extra cost. (see Order/ pricing column for details).
Cover Illustrations

The NanoTrends prescribes a size exactly measuring 144 x 144 mm (height x width); keeping in mind cutting of appx. 5 mm in the width from right side.
Page Proofs

NanoTrends may (if needed) make page proofs available to the Guest Editor (s) for a final check. Guest editor (s) in turn may delegate this task to the corresponding authors. Adherence of time –lines for this check is the responsibility of the Guest Editor. 
Order/ Pricing –Special issue of NanoTrends:

Scheme 1. Only Online web based Special Issue (gratis) publication:
  • Exclusively free for the Events- organising bodies selected by the NSTC/ NanoTrends.
  • Kindly note that the issue will include the advertisements/ showcasing of companies as per the choice of NSTC/ NanoTrends.
  • You may include maximum five advertisement of your choice , in addition.
Scheme 2. Online web based alongwith Print version- Special Issue publication:
Online web based
  • Exclusively free for the Events- organising bodies selected by the NSTC/ NanoTrends.

  • Kindly note that the issue will include the advertisements/ showcasing of companies as per the choice of NSTC/ NanoTrends.

  • You may include maximum five advertisement of your choice , in addition.
Printed Version (in addition) gratis, subject to the following terms
  • This part of the work under this scheme is a paid one.

  • The number of copies to be printed will be decided by the Events- organising bodies.

  • The total number of pages for the Special issue will not exceed 250 pages.

  • Illustrations will be reproduced in grey scale. Colored reproductions are provided at an extra cost, as per as per the specified details.

  • The decision (as appropriate) in consultation with the Guest Editor(s) for splitting the Special Issue may be taken.

  • Decision on inclusion of Advertisements/ Showcasing of companies, their pricing and revenue generation/ gains will lie under the scope of NSTC/ NanoTrends. Hence, such requests received by Guest Editor(s) should be forwarded to us. Charges

Copies of printed version of Special Issue can be ordered at the following rates.
Minimum number of copies to order/ to be print = 125 @ Rs. 35,000=00
Extra copies with a minimum number of 50 copies
  • 50 copies = @ Rs. 200=00
  • 100          = @ Rs. 150=00
  • 150          = @ Rs. 100=00
  • 200+        = @ Rs. 50=00.
The above cost is inclusive of bulk dispatch to a single address, but exclusive of taxes (if any)
Colour Illustrations:
Colour reproduction (s) in Printed version is available at an extra cost.
  • First page (irrespective of number of figures) = Rs. 7,500.00
  • Subsequent Pages = Rs. 5,000.00
  • The institutions/ organizing bodies may discuss discounts on orders or other possibilities.

  • The charges for overseas clients in foreign currencies are decided through negotiations on case to case basis, dispatch mode etc.

Some terms of Agreement of Special Interest to NSTC:
  • All copyrights will be vested with NSTC. 

  • NSTC will not be under any obligation/ liability of ‘Special Issue demanding / Event organizing body, on account of printing additional number (other than ordered) of hard copies of the Special Issues, their distribution and selling. 

  • There will be no liability/ obligation on part of NSTC, with the Special Issue demanding/ Event organizing body, to intimate/ share the revenue earned in this job. 

  • NSTC will take no responsibility for any delay, laps or problem arising from the following unexpected acts: 
    • postal delay

    • copyright by authors

    • quality of journal

    • any other technical flaw or unforeseen delay

  •  All legal disputes will be addressed in the court of district Gautum Budth Nagar, UP, India.

  • As stated in the General norms head, the parties namely ‘NSTC’ and ‘Special Issue publication demanding body’ will enter in to a brief contractual agreement that will be based on the aforesaid terms/ conditions. 

  • NSTC reserves the right to make changes in its policies, procedures and guidelines etc.


   Special Issues on Specific Subjects

NanoTrends also brings- out Special issues on specific fields of Nanoscale Science & Technology. These are the Special issues, commissioned by the NanoTrends on some special occasions or those that are brought- out on request from its clients. 

NanoTrends adheres to the applicable similar norms, for selection, review, editing and publication. 

The order and pricing in this case follow (in general), the same norms as are applicable in case of publication of the Special Issues of Events. However, NanoTrends has a flexible policy in such cases, and works on case to case basis.

However, NanoTrends has a flexible policy in such cases and works on case to case basis.

      Contact Details:
     Publication Management Team
     Nano Science and Technology Consortium,
      A- 105,Level-|||, Sector-63, Noida,
     (U.P.), INDIA, PIN- 201301
     Tel:  0120 – 4781209,10,11
     Website: www.nstc.in/journal
     E-mail: nanotrends@nstc.in