Pre-Screening of Manuscripts

NanoTrends observes pre-screening of manuscripts to take care of the following issues:

  • A number of articles submitted/ being submitted to the NanoTrends may not fall under its scope.

  • The articles may not be having a minimum scientific standard that is normally required to grade a submission worth considering for onward detailed review.

  • The submission instead may suit well for its publication in a different category of document, namely a Newsletter or Newspaper etc.

  • It may be containing obsolete information, hence may not be graded as worthy for publication in the initial screening stage itself by the editors/ reviewers.

  • To sieve- out manuscripts, that meet the essential (minimum) requirement criteria of the NanoTrends
Editors/ Reviewers role
  • Editors/ reviewers of NanoTrends are empowered to exercise the pre-screening. The said pre-screening by only one editor (reviewer) may be taken as conclusive to determine the suitability/ non suitability of a manuscript to push it forward for detailed review (main screening) or reject it in the said initial screening process.

  • Editors may seek the assistance/ opinion from the NanoTrend's en-listed referees in this process also. NanoTrend's publication management team or administrators may witness the status of a manuscript and the comments received by it in this process, through respective manuscript management modules.

  • Authority to give the final negative verdict, supported by relevant and precise comments however lies on the concerned editor only.

  • In case a manuscript withstands the prescreening test, it follows the onward process of a detailed review (main Screening). No comments are required in this case. The editor in the pre-screening web page has only to set the pre-screening out- come option to pass. These prescreened manuscripts are now available for selection by same or different editors for detailed review (main screening).

  • Editor may offer aforesaid negative precise comments on- line in support of his/ her decision on pre-screening. NanoTrends Publication Management Team/ administrators may witness the current status and comments through their respective manuscript management modules.

  • Alternatively, the editor may pass- on the said comments to the Publication Management Team of NanoTrends through issue of an email. The later, in turn forwards these comments to the Author.