Main Screening of Manuscripts

Editors/ Reviewers/ Referees role

It is a detailed thorough review, to evaluate a manuscript opine on its value for acceptance, revision (minor/ moderate/ major) or rejection; on valid grounds with written comments. This detailed screening may require seeking of opinion/ assigning of manuscripts to the referees (peers) also. It is the NanoTrends’ editor’s prerogative to assign a manuscript for further review or refereeing to any member of the Referees panel.


i) Selection of manuscripts for review by Editors/ Reviewers
  •  The manuscripts that withstand the pre-screening test are forwarded in to this step.

  •  The module shows all manuscripts on the selection page (s). It adds a new manuscript soon after it is cleared positively in pre-screening.

  • A manuscript may be selected by maximum three editors/ reviewers for its detailed thorough review.
  • On selection of manuscripts, the system serves on first selected (marked) first served (allotted/ assigned) basis.

  • It defines an upper limit of, five manuscripts (maximum), that an editor/ reviewer may have at any time.

  • It displays the status of allotment (selection) of manuscripts, by indicating which manuscripts, selected by whom and at what date.
ii) Review of manuscripts & peer review process
  • The editors/ reviewer can offer their comments online on acceptance, revision (minor/ moderate/ major), and rejection.

  • The module enables the editors/ reviewers to review the comments of other fellow editors/ reviewers.
  • NanoTrends provides an automated refereeing system. editors/ reviewers are supported by a peer review process.

  • They may assign the manuscripts after selection to their peers (NanoTrends enlisted referees).

  •  It enables an editor/ reviewer to choose a subject expert (referee) from a maintained list of referees, and get the refereeing job done.

  • The module facilitates communication between the editors/ reviewers and referees.

  • It will be a dynamic list.
iii) Time lines
  • The suggested timelines for review of a manuscript after selection in the process of detailed screening is 6 weeks (45 days) period.

  • Time- lines in some cases may have to be extended/ revised.

iv) Acceptance/ revision/ rejection of manuscripts
  • The module allows selection of a particular manuscript by maximum two editors/ reviewers for review (including the one who performed the pre-screening).

  • A manuscript may be accepted/ rejected on the basis of just one positive / negative opinion. 

    • The opinion (positive or negative) in normal cases may be conclusive and clear in deciding the fate of a manuscript. In cases of suggestions for revisions the editor or reviewer is the competent person to finally validate the revision and accept/ reject the manuscript for publication. 

    • However, in cases where the Publication Management Team grades an opinion as non-conclusive, it may seek a second/ final opinion from another editor/ reviewer/ referee.
  • A manuscript remains open for further review, if an editor/ reviewer opines so.

  • In exceptional cases where it is difficult to arrive at a consensus, NanoTrends Publication Management Teams decision is taken as final.