General Yardsticks on suitability of Manuscripts

  • Originality- Novel that has potential to significantly add / support the research already published / known to us through available literature.

  • Subject relevance and scientific reliability.

  • Importance in terms of application or otherwise to scientific/ business community in particular and the society in general of the subject dealt.

  • Adequacy of abstract, key words.

  • Appropriateness of approach or experimental design, adequacy of experimental techniques (including statistics where appropriate, need for statistical assessment). Methods adequately described/ appropriate or not.

  • Results relevant to the problem posed/ credible or not.

  • Answers to questions- Soundness of conclusions and interpretation, interpretation and conclusions warranted by the data, reasonable speculation and clarity of the message.

  • Relevance of citations and their up to date inclusion. Obvious omission(s) if any.

  • Relevance of the figures and table, clarity of legends and titles.

  • Suitability for the NanoTrends in totality. Its appropriateness for general readers or for a specialist clientele.

  • Ethical issues.

  • Presentation in toto, considering writing style, clarity in expression.

(In preparation of these norms, support from the information provided in the guidelines of Council of Science Editors has been taken)