Guidelines on screening of Popular Articles

As indicated in the policy document, the 'Publication Management Team' (PMT) members are empowered for the selection or rejection of the popular articles that are submitted to the NanoTrends for favour of their publication of the NanoTrends.

  • The NanoTrends may normally include a couple of such articles in an issue.

  • An exclussive issue containing only popular articles may also be brought out considering the number of contributions in hand/ any other justification for their publication in the NanoTrends.

  • One positive or negative opinion from the PMT will suffice to arrive at a decision on the acceptance/ rejection of an article.

  • In case of doubt the PMT, may seek guidance/ second opinion from the 'Editorial board' member(s). 

  • Other relevant norms as indicated in the section ‘Instruction to the Authors’ and elsewhere as guidelines in the ‘NanoTrends’, are equally applicable to this category of the articles.