Authors Benefits

The benefits of publishing in NanoTrends journal include:

    • Rapid publication: Your paper appears online soon after its formal acceptance on the principle of ‘first come first go’ basis for publication.

    • Free access: NanoTrends accords free online access to an author for 60 days from the date of publication of the issue that contains his/ her paper.

    • Provides promotional support on our web site for papers of specific interest.

    • Facilitates sending electronic off-prints of your published paper to ten peers of your choice, enabling your article to gain high impact.

    • Enables complete electronic submission.

    • Provides an online stringent three tier review process.

    • Grants free online access to the abstracts of all articles.

    • Options for multimedia enhancements namely computer simulations or video clips provisioning to your article.

    • Ensures speedy reference linking.

    • Facilitates linking with the other authors or professionals.